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SAP HANA Cloud Deployment Plugin for Maven

The SAP HANA Cloud Maven plugin supports users in deploying web applications packaged in WAR files to SAP HANA Cloud, as well as starting/stopping instances of this web application there. The Plugin is a wrapped Ant build script and passes all needed parameters to "remote control" the SAP HANA Cloud SDK to execute the desired operations. This makes it easy for the user to stick on the console and just use Maven for building the web application, deploying and running it on SAP HANA Cloud. If a user decides to even provide a SCN user's password there, then all operations can be fully automated, whithout the need of the user having to type in his/her password.

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SAP HANA Cloud Add-On for Spring Roo

Roo is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework maintained by SpringSource. We have created plugins for Roo to make it easy and comfortable to use Roo with the SAP HANA Cloud platform. Use Roo to create a basic web application and deploy it to the SAP HANA Cloud in minutes. Roo generates 100% pure Java code, packaged as a standard Maven project, so it is easy to handle and extend. Import it in your favorite IDE like Eclipse and start extending it, or write a mobile app connecting to the REST interfaces to your data, that Roo can automatically create for you. Try it out, and learn how Roo can help you kickstarting your ideas.

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SAP NetWeaver Gateway Connectivity Add-On for Spring Roo

This project, the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Connectivity Addon for Spring Roo is an addon for Roo which adds commands to Roo that make it easy and comfortable to connect your Roo-generated projects to SAP Netweaver Gateway systems. Whether you intend to create a REST back-end application which aggregates information from multiple data sources, or simply need a fast and headache-free way of connecting your application to "SAP NetWeaver Gateway" endpoints, learn how this addon can help you connect to business systems in just a few steps.

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ActiveRecord Adapter for SAP HANA Cloud

Ruby on Rails is a popular open source framework for rapid web application development. It enjoys an active community and offers an impressive number of add-ons, making the application developer's life much easier and more fun. With the help of JRuby – a Java implementation of the Ruby language – and the JRuby-Rack adapter, running Ruby (on Rails) code becomes possible in virtually any servlet container. By adding an ActiveRecord-JDBC adapter for SAP HANA Cloud, we also enabled Rails applications to work against all databases supported by SAP HANA Cloud. Now it’s your turn. Check out our guidelines for running Rails applications on top of SAP HANA Cloud and experience the greatly expanding bring your own language capabilities of the platform!

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Enjoy your flight with SAP HANA Cloud Labs, a dedicated channel to co-innovate on ideas extending SAP HANA Cloud. For us, each piece of 'luggage' the plane carries represents an idea that the community inside SAP has come up with. These ideas extend the platform and/or improves its tooling; more importantly they have the potential to become part of the platform.

For you, SAP HANA Cloud Labs is a great opportunity to explore these ideas and to directly influence the flight route. Join this exciting journey and check-in with your own piece of luggage (and by the way, you're not restricted to a single piece!) Several of you have already started packing by posting their ideas in blogs. Why not making the next step and become part of the cabin crew, too?

Our promise: We support the check-in of each piece of luggage. For those pieces checked-in by the community inside SAP, all travel costs have been paid for one year in advance. So no surprise for you, there is plenty of time for you to explore them. For all the other pieces, we'll discuss the options when you check-in. As it sometimes happens when travelling, not all pieces of luggage may arrive at their final destination. So please have in mind: Even if your luggage doesn’t make the next flight, understand that your contribution is invaluable and your efforts are making a difference in the SAP HANA Cloud!

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